Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Illuminating Gear

Torches and lanterns, oooh the thrills. Here are a few additional bits of adventuring gear to light up your heroes forays into the underworlds.

Glow Grub Flask.... 10 g.p.
Mood Crystals.... 20 g.p.
Lightning Jar.... 200 g.p.
Sparkle Sticks (6)... 4 g.p.
Flash Crystals .... 8 g.p.

(Prices listed are for 100cp=10sp=1gp standard adventurer inflated prices)

Glow Grub Flask- A bottle containing a glow grub 3 or 4 inches in length. It sheds weak green illumination out to a 20' radius. It must be fed and will consume 1/4 ration each week, less if nutritious roots, fungi or leaves are available. Be careful not to overfeed the grub however as the moths they grow into can be very dangerous.

Mood Crystal- like wow man! These crystals glow with the mood of their bearer projecting that persons inner warmth or harsh vibes out to 10' away.
Some colors and their associated moods: Brown- anticipation, Red- passionate, Orange- Contemplative, Yellow- distracted, Green- content, Blue- relaxed, Purple- Irked, White- philosophical. (there can be many more and still more)

Lightning Jar- captured by Djinn or maybe sky pirates these flasks containing jumping, bursting and illuminating lightning. The jar lasts for 6 weeks. It can be opened and used as a weapon but then the user will be (shockingly) left in the dark. The Lightning Jar will illuminate 60' it's 1st week , 50' its second and down to 10' it's last week. If desperately used as a weapon it's range will be that of it's ussualy illumination and inflcit 1d6 per 10' illumination versus a single foe.

Sparkle-stick- Much more festive then a boring old torch, modest sized sticks dipped in chemicals that shoot off a vast array of little sparks when lit. the light reaches about 10'. The sparkle sticks will still function in windy conditions illuminating a 15' radius for up to 1/2 hour.

Flash Crystals- when one of these crystals in thrown against a hard surface it will burst for in radiance possibly temporarily blinding all within 10' for 1-2 rounds, afterward the illumination mysteriously lingers for 20 minutes illuminating a 40' radius.

Note: nothing is keeping Mutant Future GMs from allowing these items to turn up in a campaign. The opportunities for large annoyed mutant moths are moderately broad within that game system.

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