Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Drums and a Cymbol Fall Off a Cliff...

Falling and falling damage, it's been a topic that has generated some heated debate among RPG players over the years. A straight d6 per 10' fallen seems to do the trick well enough until folks start gaining mid-high levels and start trying to climb a bit too high. Jumping down 60' deep pits isn't too big an issue for a 10th level Fighter if he only faces 6d6 damage.

So why do folks fall? And How can we I beef it up a little to make it more "fun"?

Why by dressing things up with tables of course. Good and clever playing should alter these situations and feel free to come up with your own variations and share them.

They walk over the ever popular pit-trap:
Too often this is an instant effect and really screws over a lot of thiefly types. Early rules just had a small chance such a pit trap would open and drop the hapless person treading on it into the depths below, not too shabby and it works. It can be a little more exciting-

Pit Trap!!!
roll larger dice the less dangerous the situation is for the charcetr involved.(ex: A cunning wily thief searchign for traps could get a d20, a Knight runnning down the hall 1d6.)

1- totally surprised...down you go. You and all others adjacent fall.
2- You are totally surprised, everyone else in area gets a save (or dex check)
3- You fall, flailing about and pulling the next member in the marching order into the pit.
4- You start to fall, next person in marching order can grab you and save you (open doors or strength check)
5- You fall and your finger scrape the edge of the pit as you go down, make a hit roll (ac 7) (or a DEX check) to grab the edge. You plummet if a friend can't haul you up in 1d6+1 rounds.
6+ You don't fall in the pit.

The edge of dangerous precipices:
Walking in places you really shouldn't be can send you over the edge with a simplel misstep. Ledges and tight mountainside trails are dangerous places.
(clueless-1d12, careful 1d20, surefooted 1d100)
1- You fall, dragging you nearest ally with you.
2- You fall
3- You fall grasping the edge.
4- You slip bumping the nearest ally. Both of you get a save to avoid falling.
5- You slip but keep yourself from tumbling. Items in hand are dropped into the depths.
6+ you don't fall.

Climbing a wall:
Walls are meant to keep you out and trying to climb them can be dangerous.
Roll if a climb check fails.
(a clumsy fellow 1d6, a agile climber 1d8, skilled climber with lots of gear 1d10)

1 down you go striking an ally who may be beneath you. Both take damage.
2-4 down you go.
5 you slip but catch yourself 1/2 way down unable to ascend or descend in the odd situation you find yourself. Upside down, choking on your cloak hooked on the wall or your foot is caught in a crevice.
6+ You slip trying to catch yourself as you go down. You fall but only suffer 1/2 damage if you make a climb roll or dex check.

Standing somewhere to close to the edge is an invitation to your allies to see if you can fly.
1-2 you fall
3-5- you fall and can try to catch self on ledge
5- you fall and catch yourself halfway down.
6- you pull your foe over with you, you both fall
7-8 y0u pull your foe over with you, you are snagged halfway down and must cooperate or you both will fall.

Okay so you fall and hit bottom.
Take damage and move on...not so quick let's dress that up a bit.

Hit the Bottom:
(lucky- 1d20, not so lucky 1d12)
1 Make save vs paralysis or con check or hurt spine leaving you paralyzed.
2 Save versus paralysis of suffer a serious head injury losing 1d4 points of WIS or INT.
3 You land on your feet, dex check or break both legs
4 Make a petrification save or break a limb (leg,arm, choose)
5-6 you hit bottom and are knocked out
7-8 you hit bottom and are incapacitated for 2-7 rounds
9-10 you hit bottom and are stunned for 1-12 rounds
11+ you are okay.

No more jumping 60' feet wihout worrying about the consequences.

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