Friday, July 17, 2009

Hardly NEVER

In one of many replies to a heated comment by RPGpundit this portion of a post was typed:

"The will to play is still there (and still strong). What is breaking is the group dynamic that gets enough people at the table regularly to sustain repeat play over long periods of time.

At at the bottom end of the demographic, that play pattern is NEVER taking place. We've already raised a 5 year cohort of gamers (2003-2009) who don't have the most basic "we all got together at Joe's house every Saturday for D&D last summer" experience that I bet 99% of the gamers 30 and up had. Without that foundational expereince as a touchstone, a critical tipping point has been passed.


Really? My son is playing in a regular weekly game with other teenagers. All it takes to be part of the culture of regular face to face gaming is to do it. The parents of the kids involved are all happy to see the kids interacting with other kids in person. There is no impassable tipping point, civilization hasn't changed, the need for companionship hasn't changed.

The kids willing to play regualr games are out there I'll wager most of them just aren't aware of the range of options that are actually open to them. The other boys my son games with were almost totally unaware of using the computer to get access to RPG stuff, news and info and these kids are not internet illiterates. The industry and the hobby as it is now seems to be failing to reach these kids, maybe it doesn't even really try.

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