Friday, July 17, 2009

Mutant Berries I

The weird worlds of the Mutant Future are of course rife with a riot of beings with bizarre and unusual abilities, wild appearances and new discoveries. The Flora of such worlds is just as likely to be strange and unusual as is the animal world. Here now are the first collection of mutant Berries that scavengers may find in their Mutant Future.

Yellow Frink Berry
Grows on a low bush, the Berries are ripe in the summer months when 2-12 berries will be available. A Frink berry bush usually will not be within a couple hundred feet of another Frink berry bush.

Fresh Yellow Frink Berries
Fresh Yellow Frink Berries produces a hallucinogenic poison. If one is consumed treat as Class 8 poison but instead of suffering damage the damage roll reflects the % chance each round for 3-18 rounds that one will be overcome and incapacitated by the hallucinations produced.

Fuzzy Yellow Frink Berries.
If Frink Berries are allowed to age a 2 weeks or longer they have a 33% chance of developing a slight golden fuzz (this is a a mold). Eating a fuzzy berries will expose anyone to a Class 3 Hallucinogenic poison that lasts for 2-12 rounds (as above). Mutants with mental power will find the ranges (but not area of effect if applicable) have been increased by 50% for a hour.
Eating multiple berries extend the probability of being overcome by hallucinations but does not extend the duration of the range increase for mental powers.

Red Frink Berries
A different variety of frink berry that glows on a bush with long black fronds covered in thorns. the thorns may be annoying but are relatively harmless.

Fresh Red Frink Berries
Red frink berries are typically ripe in the spring. A bush will produce 2-5 berries each year.
A normal human or any mutant eating a red frink berry will develop a random mental mutation for 2-12 turns if they fail a saving throw versus poison (one can not choose to forgo the roll)

Frink Berry Wine
This reddish-orange wine is made by collecting the juice of 40 Red frink berries and 20 fresh yellow frink berries and allowing the mix to ferment. A batch of such wine will provide 8 doses.
Each dose (small glass) of Frink Berry Wine will grant the drinker a randomly selected mental mutation for 7-12 hours but each time the drinker comes under stress a save vs poison must be made or they will be incapacitated by hallucinations for the next 1-6 rounds.
A batch of Frink berry wine will produce the same mental mutation for the same character types (roll for each type but use the same result if drinkers of the same type drink from the same batch). Frink Berry wine made from the same batch of plants only have a 20% chance of producing the same mutations as the previous vintage.

All Frink Berries will shrivel and rot in 3-6 weeks after harvest.

Possible Market Values
Fresh Yellow Frink Berry .... 5 lp
Fuzzy Yellow Frink Berry .... 2 Up
Red Frink Berry ................. 5 Up
Frink Berry Wine (8 drinks) .... 300 Up

(prices are for 100 plastoons = 10 lead pieces = 1 uranium piece, wasteland scavenger pricing)


  1. awesome. I am going to use these Frink Berries in my Mutant Future campaign. I will let you know what my players think.

  2. Glad you like them, many more on the way I just don't want to end up getting known as that berry blog by posting too many at once.

    I'd certainly like to hear how they go over in your game.

  3. That's a lot of frinking berries. Now I feel like having a smoothie.