Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mutant Future Additions

Here are some additions for Mutant Future campaigns.

Additional Ability Modifiers

Score.... Cognition Modifier
3........... -3
4-5....... -2
6-8....... -1
9-12...... 0
13-15..... 0
16-17..... +1
18-19..... +2
20-21.... +3

Will Power
Score.... Psycho-Active Modifier
3........... -3
4-5....... -2
6-7....... -1
8-13..... 0
14-15.... +1
16-17.... +2
18-19.... +3
20........ +4
21......... +5

Cognition Modifier- May apply to situations where a keen intellect could add to perception (at GM discretion) and as per noted below.

Psycho-Active Modifier- May apply to areas where ones use of Mental powers is in question and not resolved with a mental attack (at GM discretion) and as per noted below.

New Materials and Devices:

Technology developed with crystals as the main component or entire structure of an item. this may have been a technology developed prior to the ruin or a new emerging Post-ruin technology.

Crystal Weapons Melee and Thrown weapons have a base To-Hit modifier of 0 or +1 and the wielders Psycho-Active modifier may be applied to To-Hit rolls made with such a weapon.

Crystal Armor.
+1 armor of one of the archaic styles. Psycho-Active modifier applies as save modifier vs Energy Attacks and Stun /Attacks when worn (bonuses to this save if one has a crystal armor and shield do not stack)

Psycho-Kinetic Devices
These are either complicated high-tech items developed shortly before the fall of civilization or they are a new technology developed after minds have been widened by the impact of mental mutations. One may use Will-Power instead of Intelligence when trying to figure out how to operate Psycho-Kinetic Devices (at GM discretion).

Psycho-Kinetic Weapons
Melee, thrown and Ranged weapons with a base To-Hit modifier of 0 to +2.
The wielders Psycho-Active Modifier may be applied to To-Hit rolls and Damage.

Psycho Kinetic Armor
Primitve and advanced armors may be manufactured with Psycho Kinetic technology.
Psycho Kinteic Armor has a +2 bonus to AC. A wearer of Psycho-Kinetic Armor applies their Psycho-Active modifier to AC, any beneficial modifier is lost while the wearer is surprised.

Precog Matrix
An integrated system that adds a precognitive edge to actions at hand. A Pregoc Matrix is an integrated system and may not be removed and added to another device. A keen mind is required to gain a benefit from the increased sensory input/

Precog Matrix Enhanced Weapons
Any weapon with a Precog Matrix adds the users Cognition Modifier to the To-Hit roll.

Precog Matrix Shield
Any shield with a Precog Matrix adds the users Cognition Modifier to AC.

Precog Matrix Integrated Armor
Any armor with an integrated a precog-matrix may add their Cognition Modifier to thier Initiative. (GM Discretion)

Advanced High-Tech ceramics developed before the ruin. Some automated facilities may still be capable of manufacturing Ceramax gear. Ceramax gear typically weighs 3/4 the weight of standard gear.

Ceramax Weapons:
Primitive Weapons with blades, points, edges and spikes are +1 to hit and damage if manufactured from Ceramax. If a Ceramax weapon inflicts max damage the user must roll a d20: on a roll of 1 the weapon breaks.

A high-tech Poly-Alloy. Plasteel gear weighs but 1/2 as much as standard gear that is normally made of metals.

Plasteel Weapons
Weapons made of Plasteel with blades, points, edges and spikes are +2 to hit and damage.

Plasteel and Ceramax armors retain standard ACs but have weight reduced as per the material.

Suggested Cost Modifiers
Crystal Weapon, +0 ..... +1,000 u.p.
Crsytal Weapon, +1 ..... +2,000 u.p.
Crystal Armor ............. +3,000 u.p.

P-K Weapon, +0 .......... +1,000 u.p.
P-K Weapon, +1 ........... +3,000 u.p.
P-K Weapon, +2 .......... +5,000 u.p.
P-K Armor ................... +6,000 u.p.

Precog-Matrix Weapon... +750 u.p.
Precog-Matrix Armor..... +500 u.p.
Precog-Matrix Shield..... +1,000 u.p.

Ceramax..... standard price x 50
Plasteel...... standard price x 150

(prices are for 100 plastoons = 10 lead pieces = 1 uranium piece wasteland scavenger pricing)

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