Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mutant Berries II

Thump Berries
These Bight green berries with red bands grow on high bushes in batches of 7-12 per bush. While fresh they have no unique properties beside modest food value.

Squishy Thump Berries
when thump berries become over ripe (thypically a week after beign picked) they are dangerous if bitten or hurdled against a solid surface or smashed they will explode for 3d6 damage to all within 10'. Carrying them is very dangerous, any time a user falls or is exposed to a explosion or impact of 4 or more points of damage each squishy thump berry has a 2 in 6 chance of detonating.

Thump Berry Nectar
Ripe thump berries (but not squishy ones) can be juiced and the juice treated so it doesnt' ferment and this sticky nectar becomes an wexplosive that reacts to heat (and must as such be ignited) but it doesn't react to impact. Four Thump berries produce enough nectar for an 8d6 explosive that will harm all within 20' (save for 1/2) on ignition.

Thump Berry Cider
Ripe thump berries are juiced and the juice is allowed to ferment (1% chance per berry in batch that the batch detonates durign fermentation). 20 berries produce a liter of biodiesl fuel about as flamamble and dangerous as your average biodiesel after fermentation settles down.

Lash Berries
These are yellow berries wih vibrant red spots that grow along the ground on small plants. They are ripe during the late spring. 14-24 are usually ripe in a 50' patch.
Anyone foolish enough to eat Lash Berries (which are nice tatsing and nourishing) will develop a distinct odour 1-3 turns later that will attract predators wihtin 200 feet for the next 12 hours.

Lash Berry Bombs
The juice of Lash Berrys can be collected and distilled into a gooey syrup. thsi syrup is uaully collected into fragile vessels to form a grenade that will coat everyone within 10' (that fails a a save) in a stench that will attract predators for the next 2-5 hours. 6 Berries are needed to make enough syrup for one such grenade.

Possible Market Values

Thump Berries .............. 8 pl
Squishy Thump Berries .... 8 lp
Thump Berry Nectar ...... 40 Up a charge
Tump Berry Cider ...... 5 Up a liter
Lash Berries ...... 3 pl
Lash Berry Bomb ...... 10 Up

(prices are for 100 plastoons = 10 lead pieces = 1 uranium piece, pricing)

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