Monday, July 13, 2009

Hexes for indoor maps

For years I've avoided using hex-grids for my dungeon and castle maps using them mostly for outdoors adventuring and some caves. You just can't get rooms with 90 degree angles to look right, or so I thought.
Poking about the web I came across some maps for the old board game Cry Havoc ! Some of the Cry Havoc ! maps had some pretty decent looking buildings with right hand angles, on a hex grid. This is something I'd always felt was a no-go and just simply wouldn't work. Well I was wrong.

Here is a map I whipped up, it doesn't take advantage of hexes all that much but does clearly show one can very easily map a dungeon with right angles on hex-grids.

Very little wasted space on "unused" hexes. The right angles don't look wrong. I'm certainly going to have to work up some dungeon levels that use hex-grids and take advantage of the hexes more after working this up.


  1. I'm working on a fantasy GURPS setting/campaign. I'd like to ask for your permission to use this map as a sample dungeon.

  2. Draw the map on a square grid, twist the occasional room orientation as not to be boring, and then overlay with hexes for better combat facing and such. Just a thought, but seems better than trying to draw on the hexes themselves.