Friday, January 14, 2011

3D Hexes and Visualizing Terrain

Playing around with 3D terrain hex tiles I realized how darned big and how tiny some features could look relative to scale of a tile. Most of the mountains and hills I did looked pretty darned huge relative to the hex size.

The graphic above has two terrain hexes. The one of the left shows what a 528' ridge looks like along with a 1000' high hill, both look pretty darned tiny in a 5 mile hex. The one on the right has two mountains, one is a mile high the other 2 miles. The one mile high mountain starngely enough doesn't look shockingly large while the two mile high one looks colossal.

Not a lot to go along with this just yet but it was fun to give it a look and see what things look like in scale as opposed to simply abstract icons on a map.

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