Monday, January 10, 2011

Mazes and Monsters, cover to cover... VI

Chapter 5

The four characters whom we've met up to this point all gather to play Mazes & Monsters on the floor of Daniels room. Kate is Glacia the Fighter yet again, Jay Jay is still the irrepressible sprite Freelik the Frenetic of Glossamir, Robbie is Pardieu the Holy Man. They all sit there in a circle with Daniel the Maze Controller.

Beginning Mazes and Monsters players use rulebooks and as they gain skill they move on to incorporating advanced manuals with ever more complicated books of imaginary adventure. Danile used a combination of the advanced manuals and his own invention, he must after all since Jay Jay has a photographic memory.

The party travels for half a day and comes to the forbidden caves of Jinnorak once ruled by a race of men who are now rumored to be a devolved savage breed of creatures. After arriving at the cave mouth they are asked by the MC if they wish to enter the caves, luckily they all say yes.

As the play commences we get a view from the mind's eye of each player. Kate with her heart pounding uses her lantern to fend off the ever present darkness. Jay Jay is always frightened at the beginning of play and uses humor to ward off the dread as he's just a little afraid of the commitment the game requires to escape the pathetic ad boring human world. Robbie secure in the robes of the Holy Man is comfortable to act with bravery and cunning alongside his trusted friends now that he had a mission. Daniel is happy he has crafted a scenario that is drawing them all in and is happy as his work of art unfolds.

So in the brief chapter where they finally get to play M&M we have earlier character traits refined. We learn little of how the game is played beyond the threat of imaginary violence and Maze Controllers have a sort of god complex.

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