Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mazes and Monsters, cover to cover... III

Chapter 1-

In chapter one we meet Jay Jay Brockway arriving back at college after summer vacation. Jay Jay is weird by his own admission, he's small and lithe with a pointed face with a halo of golden curls at but 16 years of age he's a college sophomore English major. He never connected with his father , his parents are divorced for they married too young, and he has a macaw named Merlin. He embraces his differences and uses humor to forge himself into a leader. We discover him as he's shoving his dozen cashmere sweaters and two dozen preppy shirts into his dorm dresser and his collection of funny hats (oh boy, Jay Jay is going to be funny indeed). Jay Jay festoons his room with old movie posters not at all uncommon for the era, he has a thing for older women a collection of books and records, cartons of cigarettes, a bottle of vodka (uh....he's 16) and mai tai mix and a little bag of Acapulco Gold and most curious of all the maps from the Mazes and Monsters games he's played, his dice, fresh graph paper, his already memorized Encyclopedia of monsters and the Creature Compendium advanced Edition III.

Jay Jay has arrived ahead of his other friends and is eagerly awaiting their return on the steps in front of the dorms. Micheal will not be showing up, Jay Jay and his friends were going to rig things so they could use one of their dorm rooms as a game room but Micheal screwed that up becasue the game took too much of his time and attention. Jay Jay is waiting for Kate and Daniel to arrive. Daniel is the Maz Controller and he's fair for we learn if Daniel says the king of the Grey Rats has bitten off your arm then Daniel is indisputably right. Kate , brave precocious Kate who Jay Jay seemingly has a crush on arrives and we are reminded Jay Jay is funny when he offers Kate a knuckle sandwich.

We also learn that Kate plays the groups Fighter and Jat Jay plays a Sprite: Freelik the Frenetic of Glossamir. Each players character seemingly reveals something about the players personality. Kate may be strong but her breastplate is just a shield that covers her frightened, vulnerable and wildly beating heart.


So, Jay Jay is a wonder-kin minor with substance abuse issues into Mazes and Monsters...what could go wrong there? He seemingly has a crush on Kate as he has a thing for older women, of course at 16 all women are older women. Jay Jay adores Kate and the Maze Controller who is fair and absolute, no overplayed arch-typical overblown player-vs-GM competition there at all.
So the girl in the group of 4 (well 3 for now) is going to play the fighter and the 16 year old boy is going to play the wild and care free sprite , Mazes & Monsters is already looking a tad removed from stereotypical D&D.

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