Monday, January 17, 2011

one hour dungeon map

After reading this post:

I wondered, hmmm how much dungeon could I draw in an hour with a program like Adobe Illustrator?

Here's how much:

(click for larger view)


  1. Nice JD. That map has some good mojo going.

  2. Sweet. I like the larger rooms with lots of adjoining sub rooms.

  3. I like how the layout is reminiscent of urban street layouts, and ditto what Christian said about large rooms with adjoining sub rooms.

    With my fixation on post-apoc dungeons, It also makes me think of a shopping mall...the large hallways are lined with the smaller shops while the large rooms are the "big box" stores and the smaller tunnels are the service corridors.

  4. @TS,glad you like it.

    @c, I like to do suites of rooms

    @B, wasn't going for a post-apoc look but I did have a loose formulaic placement related to corridor width, room size and intersections.
    I find real world hospital floorplans work great for post-apoc and sci-fi dungeon environments but I have used mall maps now and again.