Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Names.

My teen son starts a semester of freshman Health class today and the teacher is Mr. Cox.

The alternate Doctor who helped deliver our babbling baby boy was Dr. Payne.

The wife once stayed in a hotel in a room/cabin that was once the playhouse of Ima Hogg.

Is Conan Jr. or Bilboo really that bad a name for an RPG character?


  1. I had a doctor when I was but a tad whose last name was Boozer ...

  2. I learned yesterday the "Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah" has a board member named Steve Gunn.

    And I once had a client who decided to hyphenate her last name after getting married: Mrs. Skewes-Cox.

  3. I teach at an English kindergarten in Korea, so all the students get 'English' names. Some of them are chosen by the teachers, but some are chosen by the parents (usually groan-worthy misspellings or just oddities that sound sorta similar to their Korean name, but aren't anywhere near actual English), and even worse, one of the Korean teachers lets the boys pick their own names.

    Some of my students: Xon (pronounced like French Jean), Seon (pronounced Sean), Tiara, Chancellor, Ice, Pinky, Flaming Sword (cool, but I still call him by his old name John), Princess, Gavrilla

    Anyway, I keep joking with my co-workers that I'm going to give a boy the name Bilbo one day. It's doubly funny because most kids have a bad habit of writing the letter 'd' when they want to write a 'b.'

  4. Dr. Payne? Nice!
    These exist in Germany, too. There's a gynecologist near my university. His name? "Lothar Loch" ("Loch" = german for "hole").

    Cheers, Marcus

  5. The most experienced PC in my campaign right now is Ash Slayum, so named because he was rolled up at our FLGS right across from a Pokemon display. The most recent addition is Bill the Wizard. I'm pretty much okay with these. I'm even okay with the fact that Bill's real name is Bill Deadpool (although the player later changed it to Bill Dedpulius in order to "hide" the joke).

    However, I drew the line when a new player wanted to play a necromancer by the name of Babytoes. Yes, Baby-toes. Not an allusion, a pun, a nested meaning, a clever pronunciation that hides a ridiculous origin, nothing. Just the toes of an infant. I persuaded him to change it, but sometimes I think I should have just let him keep the egregiously stupid name and let the entire wizarding community treat him as a joke.

    1. i dunno. 'Baby-toes' would be a great nickname for a necromancer that wears a necklace of dead babies' toe-bones.