Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weird Arms: Alchemical Sliver Gun

Weird Arms are suggested for use in those campaigns where magic and technology are often indistinguishable to the locals.

Alchemical Sliver Gun- 1d4 dmg + poison/potion effects, range:20'/40'/60'
Suggested Value: 2,500 g.p.

A pistol like weapon that allows the user to pour a potion or poison into the funnel like loader, wait for the darts to form and then fire a hail of of icy slivers upon a target which must save or suffer the effects of the potion placed in the gun. The slivers inflict 1d4 points of damage upon a target. In theory one could use water or other inert liquids to simply inflict damage but that's just such a terrible waste of the potential of this arm and considered crass by those of station.

Hot targets and hotenvironments provider the attacker with a -4 penalty and the target receives a +4 to save vs the effects of any potion/poison slivers.
Targets able to bear shields or in heavy armor receive a +2 bonus to save vs the slivers.

The normal rate of fire for this weapon is 1/3. In areas of temperature over 100 degress the weapon takes longer to recharge (it may hold but one vial of fluid at a time)allowing a maximum rate of fire of 1/5, and range is halved. A fully charged weapon will be able to generate enough propellant force to project up to 100 doses of potions/posions (one at a time). Alchemists will generally be able to recharge such a weapon in about 3 days (it doesn't require the alchemists constant attention but does take time) and they typically charge 200 g.p. for the service.


  1. This is awesome. I shall steal it. Gratiae!

  2. We'd like to include your Alchemical Silver Gun in our D100 Table of Blogger-Loot for the Zalchis blog, if that's okay with you.

  3. @netherwerks, go for it. All I ask is a link back or a mention. I'd like to see the whole list most of all.

  4. Thanks! We jsut added it to the list and will keep compiling the D100 Table of Blogger Loot until it is full--please do let us know if you have any suggestions for stuff we ought to consider. Once it's done, we'll let people know. It'll be a fun shared resource.