Friday, December 31, 2010

Weird Arms: Fire Lance

Weird Arms are suggested for use in those campaigns where magic and technology are often indistinguishable to the locals.

Firelance 2-8dmg + fire* or project fire to 20' fixed range.
Suggested Value: 2,000 g.p.

This large barbed lance-like weapon allows the user to project a flame attack against a target.
A firelance may be used while mounted or on foot. If a firelance hits the target must save at +4 vs entanglement or be held fast by the lances barbs. A trapped foe may be attacked by projected flames (no chance to miss and save is at -4).
A fully fueled firelance may be used up to 4 times to project a fire attack against a single target within 20'. The target is allowed a save or they will be covered in flames that will cause 2d6 on the first round and 4d6 on the second (the chemicals burn-off at the end of the second round)
Most users of firelances restrict themselves to projecting the flames against trapped foes.

Some alchemists and technologists will know the formula and procedures that allow them to mix the incendiary chemicals and safely refill the fire-lance. The fee to do so is typically 50-200 g.p. per charge and requires 3 hours of time if chemicals are on hand.

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