Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Daughter is Published

Love Happens
By Rosalynde Jarvis

The roads you take
The friends you make
Everything you do ends in mistake
The love you've lost
Has too much cost
In this world you'll always be lost
But then there's a light
Your heart fills with might
And you have them in your sight
You fall in love again

She wrote this last spring and got it into a collection of school kid's poetry. Now she wants be a teacher/scientist/writer if that's possible. I told her it shouldn't be impossible to be a science teacher that writes on the side.


  1. That's great! A teacher/scientist/writer seems more to me like a professor: teaching, researching, and publishing! And the more prolific ones tend to have books, blogs, and more.

    We have a lot of appreciation for academia in our family. :)

  2. @jay, I'll edge her towards professor as she gets older.