Thursday, December 23, 2010

Magical Saddles

A number of magical saddles for your fantasy campaigns.

1-10 Alert Ritter
11-20 Secure Platform
21-30 Lofty Strides
31-35 Unicorn Bridle
36-45 Wondrous Pack Saddle
46-50 Master Equestrian Saddle
51-60 Phantom Page
61-65 Pegasus Saddle
66-70 Throne of the Nomad Prince
71-75 Lancer's Platform
76-80 Fearsome Cavalier
81-85 Hackney Saddle
86-90 Regal Platform
91-95 Jousters Delight
96-97 Dreamer's Saddle
98-100 Midnight Saddle

Alert Ritter- This saddle allows the rider to spend time in the saddle without being subjected to normal fatigue. A rider must be wary fir their steed will suffer normal fatigue.

Secure Platform- A rider in this saddle can't be dismounted or thrown from the saddle.

Lofty Strides- This saddle allows the mount (and rider) to take to leap into the air three times a day to cover a distance of up to 720'.

Master Equestrian- anyone riding this saddle will be able to handle any mount as if they were a master horseman.

Unicorn Bridle- If someone can get this saddle on the back of a unicorn they will master it (if it fails a save vs spells) and may ride it until the saddle is removed. Would-be riders take note this only works on true unicorns.

Wondrous Pack Saddle- this saddle allows up to 400lbs of gear and equipment to be attached at no hinderance to rider or mount.

Phantom Page- This saddle accompanied by a spirit that will lead the mount to follow it's rider, comb out the mount and even feed and water the beast.

Pegasus Saddle- this saddle will sprout wings and allow rider and steed to fly at a rate of 240' per turn. This movement is normal.

Throne of the Nomad Prince- this saddle allows the rider to fire missile weapons with no hindrance while mounted upon a moving steed.

Lancer's Platform- when riding in this saddle a warrior will be be able to make melee attacks at +2 to hit and damage.

Fearsome Cavalier- this saddle masks it's user and steed with a fearsome illusion that makes the horse and rider difficult for all but the bravest to stand against. Those of 2 HD or less are forced to make a morale check when confronted by the rider mounted in this saddle. Twice a day the rider may make a fear attack against all foes of 6HD or less within 60'.

Hackney Saddle- this saddle is so enchanted as to make the rider and steed unremarkable. Neither rider or steed will be noticed from 200' or further away unless they are attacking or engaged in some other provocative behavior that draws attention. Among company the rider and steed will not be chosen first as a target in combat and may be even be entirely ignored at check points and tolls (1-5 chance in d6)

Regal Platform- When seated in this saddle the the rider will be en-glamoured so as to appear to be royalty Those who fail a save vs spells on seeing the rider will defer to them as if they were royalty of their own realm (this doesn't effect foes in combat).

Jousters Delight- three times a day for 6 rounds following the utterance of the command word the rider seated in this will be masked by illusion so as to obscure their true seating. Any direct attacks against the rider have a 3 in 6 chance of missing regardless of the skill or quality of attack.

Dreamer's Saddle- this saddle allows the rider (and steed) to planeshift twice a day. The steed will also be able to follow the master with travel magics at no impact on the capacity of the spell.
(i.s. they can travel astrally with the rider, teleport or fly if the user is able to do so my magic).

Midnight Saddle- the rider and the mount virtually disappear and will be 90% undetectable unless engaged in combat. Three times a day the rider and steed may travel through the shadows up to 480' in but a round.


  1. Very nice - will slip some of these into my campaign

  2. Hmmm, it seems that the demand for Master Equestrian saddles is so great that they are never found randomly.

  3. @alan, glad you like them

    @chakat, huh, it's #46-50 ... ;-)
    thanks for pointing that out.