Friday, December 10, 2010

Working on Town Geomorphs, opinions?

I've begun fiddling about with medieval fantasy town/city geomorphs and wouldn't mind a little input. I bounced a few graphics off my wife and daughter last-night and got left with these examples.

Fig-1 includes samples of a simple building/dwelling.
1-a shows a pair of windows at the front (along with the door) with two little dashes.
1-b. shows a flat roof with some form of edging/battlements.
1-c. shows a peaked roof with a little detail.

Fig 2 shows samples of larger buildings with a central courtyard.
The left most is a flat roof with edge-works.
The center shows the whole structure with an integrated peaked roof.
The rightmost shows a simplified version of a pitched roof on the building.

So what do folks think? Are window/arrow slit locations necessary? Should there be something on the buildings that indicates elevation of a building (by story)or should that be left out so people can more easily tailor it to their own needs?


  1. I like the versions that have the roof details, they don't over-complicate a map and are a nice touch.

    I wouldn't need windows or elevations if I was going to use these (which I likely would).

  2. Roof details look nice. I suppose there are folks who want the basic layout and will provide details themselves, and folks who want everything laid out on the map so they can concentrate on something else. Personally, I don't need the windows or arrow slits.

  3. And I'm going to be the dissenting opinion: I could really use the arrow slit and window markers for when the PCs/NPCs hole-up in the place and are shooting out at whoever is chasing them.

  4. The problem with arrow-slits is showing which floor they are on if there are 2 or 3 storeys. It can soon become cluttered.

    I prefer a basic geomorph then I can stick a number or colour-code them for how many storeys they have, in case of heists/rooftop chases etc.

  5. Aye, Geordie's got it.

    I could take any of the three equally.

  6. I could go either way on arrow slits and and such but I think the roof detail is really sharp. I'm curious to see what you come up with for urban tiles. I've dabbled a bit but haven't settled on a scheme that I like.

  7. Plainer the better. I like room to draw and customize, as well as add location numbers.