Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a quick look at my LOTFP sale purchases

Here's a quick look at some of James Raggi's works I picked up because of his sale. No in-depth reviews or spoliers just what I noticed giving each a quick once over after purchase and download.

Green Devil Face #1.
Fantasy F'n Vietnam. A merciless dungeon of death. Lot's of tricky traps and hazards among the D'footians.

Green Devil Face #2 & #3
A number of devious traps and tricks by multiple authors. Some of these sure are wicked.

Green Devil Face #4
A bit more variety then in 1 to 3. A class, a tower, a selection of spells (some useful,some lame), magical items that PCs may not want to discover that are pretty interesting, A random Inn generator that's more then just some charts, some dungeons of doom (whole dungeons ready to use are always handy), a number of fiendish foils and traps, random treasure charts an article on spell points.

Grinding Gear
A dungeon of doom meant to spank the hell out of the greedy and foolish. There are not piles of treasure all over the place but there is a good pay off for the lucky, clever and stubborn in there.

People of Pembrooktonshire
A collection of odd, interesting and sometimes curiously mundane folks that dwell in Pembrooktonshire which is featured in another Raggi module. I actually rather like this, some folks will chafe at the lack of stats but an awful lot of these folks would be AC: 9 LVL: 0 HP: 3 At:1 for 1-4 (in D&D) so the repetition of unneeded stats is really not bad at all.

Death Frost Doom
A true dungeon of doom. If a PC take Zeke's words as true "Yer all dooooomed !"

Weird New World
An adventure setting in frozen northlands. It's not a complete adventure module but one of those Sandbox settings for the DM to flesh out a bit and have the PCs explore. Lots of struggling with the environment in this one and it intrigues me. The weirdest thing about it is it feels pretty grounded in physical reality to me for a fantasy wilderness. Looks pretty good however and could be the right setting for an entire campaign for some groups. It's written to go along with the LoTFP RPG and will work for pretty much any D&D-seque RPG.

In case you don't know here's Raggi's blog: http://lotfp.blogspot.com/

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