Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Magical Candles

A number of magical candles for your OSR compatible fantasy campaigns.

Magical Candle Table
1-20 Glory Glow, LG
21-35 Glory Glow, CG
36-45 Glory Glow, LE
46-50 Glory Glow, CE
51-58 Robber's Wick
59-60 Company Candle
61-65 Revealing Candle
66-70 Firefly Candle
71-74 Ever-lit Candle
75-78 Demon Warding Candle
79-80 Devil Warding Candle
81-83 Angel Warding Candle
84-86 Undead Warding Candle
87 Dragon Warding Candle
88 Goblin Warding Candle
89 Lycanthrope Warding Candle.
90 Fairy Warding Candle. (works on all fairy-kind)
91-95 Paralyzing Candle.
96-100 Sleeping Candle

Glory Glow (30'R, 4 turns)- each of these candles is tied to an alignment. All within the radius of the candle light of the same alignment are +2 to saving throws and attack rolls.

Robber's Wick (10'R, 12 turns)- only the bearer of this candle benefits from it's illumination.

Company Candle (30'R, 8 turns)- only those within the radius of the light can see the candle light.

Revealing Candle (20'R, 4 turns)- all invisible creatures and features within the illumination will be revealed. Invisibility is not canceled by being revealed the invisibility is simply non-functional within the radius of the revealing candles light.

Firefly Taper (30'R, 12 turns)- once lit the candle will transform into dancing lights that will follow the caster for 12 turns. The lights can only be dispelled they may not be extinguished.

Ever-lit Candle (20'R,unlimited)- this candle will burn indefinitely and can not be extinguished outside of the use of counter-magic unless it's command word is known. It must still be lit by a flame.

Warding Taper (30'R, 4 turns)- different types of this spell protect against a variety of foes and forces then to save or flee beyond the radius of the light. It offers +2 to saves against attacks such creatures may launch from beyond the radius and causes them to suffer a -2 to attack rolls even if they save vs the illumination.

Paralyzing Candle (20'R. 12 turns)- all who enter the illumination of this candle must save vs paralysis or be paralyzed in place until the candle is extinguished.

Sleep Candle (20'R, 8 hours)- all who enter the illumination of this candle must save vs spells or fall into a slumber until the candle is extinguished.


  1. Awesome! Totally going to use this in my 4e game next session (minimal conversion work needed, really nothing I couldn't do on the fly). Good work.

  2. Really great idea! Thanks for sharing!