Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blog Stats Report

State of the blog.

The posts here on A&A with the most views this past month:

On the names of things:

Coin Sizes with handy graphics:

An Old Map my father drew over 40 years ago.

32 Additional Dungeon Geomorphs

Campaign development an Mutant Future setting

the colorized Carcosa map from February

A handy PDF of the first series of geomorphs I posted on the blog

44 Dungeon Geomorphs

Tesseract Caves Dungeon Stocking Challenge (It's only a day old)

Triangle Dungeon Geomorphs

239 Pageviews yesterday. 280 was my heaviest on NOV 26th.

Right NOW I have visitors from The United States, Brazil, the U.K., Japan, Canada, Germany and South Korea.

35% of all page views I've had for the past six months have been during the last month.

According to Cyclopeatron Aeons & Augauries is #45 in OSR blogs by followers
and #10 on the hottest OSR blogs ranking.

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