Sunday, December 26, 2010

post x-mas update

X-mas is all over the house. The living room is full of these gigantic castle blocks we gave the baby because our house wasn't cluttered enough :-) . I'm nibbling away at a chocolate orange. I got a number of pads of drawing paper of all different grades. I got a zombie comic form my folks along with a huge coffee table history of the Clash from my parents that I've been reading on and off today. The kitchen and dinning room are overflowing with the remains of Christmas presents.

I got the writing bug and wrote my way about 1400 words into an un-plotted sci-fi story last night before I retired to bed after we got home from my brother-in-laws house. I cooked way too much slab bacon for brunch today. The wife is having some sort of really active stomach virus (I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the brunch I cooked).

Today I went to the supermarket to sock up on non-refrigerated easy to prep foods just in case we lose power because of the blizzard we are getting all over the northeast. The kids and I are getting up for shovel-a-rama 2010, alarms are set for 6:30 AM. The kids are actually happy the storm is happening during Christmas break so they don't lose any school time because of the blizzard...(where did I go wrong).

In gaming land I've been doing a little bit of work on no man's land - The Mutant Front and I've thought up some bits for making a slightly different fantasy campaign. The more work I put into one game project the more ideas I get in other areas (as demonstrated by the magic item lists I've been blogging). Won myself a copy of Bean the D2 RPG thanks to Tenkar over at Tenkar's Tavern because of a Tunnels and Trolsl spell I whipped up.

It's cozy, cluttered, I've got tons of cool ideas dancing in my head, happy kids, a wife that needs a little tender care and snow falling outside. It's a a good Sunday evening the day after Christmas.

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  1. I hope she feels better soon, and that the snow clearing project isn't too awful, and that all of the writing goes well. :D

    Best to you and your family in the new year,