Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Man's Land - Mutant Front

This post over at The Land of Nod gave me a bug my gamer ADD couldn't ignore a Mutant Future campaign set in the setting of the Great War. So I did a little reading and map research and I'm working up a campaign map set in what would be the North-Western front of WW-I in our reality.

Here's a low-res sample of the map in progress at 10 miles to the hex:

The map is just rivers, "No Man's Land" and some railways for now.

It's a cool idea I just can't let drop: An unending Great War with mutants, weird-tech and gas-masks. Not sure if the war will be a raging, petered out to almost done or mostly over after chemical weapons, electro-cannons, heat rays and plague bombs have ravaged the world.

As time goes on I'll improve the map and likely have some companion posts for No Man's Land - The Mutant Front


  1. I've been working on simething similar in terms of the Eastern Front in Riskail--I'll be very interested in seeing how you develop this project--the map looks very good. Mutants & Mustard Gas. It is an awesome combination...

  2. Looks excellent - I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  3. A suggestion is to focus the weird-tech on improving defence: Things to make the fortifications tougher and/or cause penetrations to peter out faster.

    Anything that helps on the attack more than the defence will simply bring about the highly mobile 1918 offensives earlier.

  4. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a post-apocalyptic novel in the height of The Great War called The Lost Continent (aka Beyond Thirty), and its about how in the future, the war never ended. A united North & South America became isolationists. Europe was so hit hard by the war, it became a jungle ruled by savages. Black African Colonialists are in Europe, trying to enslave and convert "the white heathens", and China is more advanced - in technology and culture - then the Pan-American Federation. (basically, an Edwardian world on its head) Its a good read, and maybe useful to you.

  5. I'm going to have to check out that story, thanks Macadan.

  6. "The lost Continent" AKA "beyond thirty" is available via project Gutenberg. Read it years ago but I certainly am going to have to give it a reread. HG Wells' "Things To Come" is certainly worth a read to anyone interested in pre-nuke post apocalypse stories.

  7. I'll definately be following your posts on this JD!
    Malcadon thanks for the info on the ERB novel, gonna add it to my list!