Sunday, December 12, 2010

Working away on No Man's Land- The Mutant Front

I'm a busy beaver working away on goodies for No Man's Land- The Mutant Front as a campaign supplement(s) for Mutant Future.

Here's a sample of most of a map I've adapted from the main campaign map that is meant for a sandbox version of one of the eras for The Mutant Front meant to appear as an article elsewhere.

(click for larger image)

I've been working on the encounter tables for the map and realized there is a lot of room to impact how a campaign plays right there; I'm likely to create more NPC/Monster encounter types then I was initially planning just to reflect the unique nature of the campaign.

Terrain types and features on the map include: Open, Town/city, Necropolis, River, Wasteland, Runs, Wasteland, Desolate Hills, Twisted Forest, Hills, Forest, Steep Hills and Forested Hills.

Lot's of need to tweak and create "new" pieces of equipment have also presented themselves. In general the whole thing is a lot of fun.

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