Friday, December 31, 2010

Weird Arms: Suspensor

Weird Arms are suggested for use in those campaigns where magic and technology are often indistinguishable to the locals.

Suspensor, 1d4 dmg + special, range 40' fixed
Suggested Value 1,000 g.p. + 500 g.p. per charge capacity.

A pistol like arm that traps a target in a warp field that suspends them via levitational reaction to 2' above the surface they were standing upon (should the target fail a save). Targets larger then men are +5 to save vs the effect. The projected force inflicts 1d4 on a successful hit roll if save fails or not.
The suspense filed levitates the target in place for 2-12 rounds. A victim in not entirely helpless but will have difficulty defending themselves and attacking others. (-2 to hit and 2 point penalty to AC).

Range is fixed at 40'. Creatures able to fly will still be able to move at 1/2 normal speed. Falling targets could theoretically be saved with this device but the situation allowing practical implementation for such use are unlikely. Suspensor have been crafted in a range of charge capacities each one being capable of holding anywhere between 3 and 12 charges (as manufactured). A suspensor if recharged with a triaxial-pulse-wheel generator (regaining 1 charge per 1/2 hour of recharging).

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