Friday, December 24, 2010

Magical Footwear

Avariety of magical footwear for fantasy campaigns.

1-10 Slippers of the Lake
11-20 Sprightly Winter Boots
21-30 Gilded Skates
31-40 Ice Clogs
41-50 Boots of the Fox
51-55 Troll Boots
56-60 Deadman Walking
61-70 Coward's Boots
71-75 Thrall Boots
76-85 Sentinel Boots
86-95 Hoofer's Slippers
96-98 Shadow Slippers
99-100 Gallant Stride

Slippers of the Lake- these delicate slippers are seemingly bedecked by scintillating fish scales. The slippers allow the wearer to walk on calm water as if it were solid ground. Currents will carry the wearer along as if the ground were moving under their feet. Rushing torrents and rough seas are difficult and hazardous footing that will dump one in the water if they fail a save or ability check as per the DM's discretion based on the situation on hand.

Sprightly Winter Boots- these fine furred white boots allow the wearer to walk atop snow and leave behind no tracks in the snow itself.

Gilded Skates- these dainty golden ice skates can be attached to any normal footwear and they will disappear but will allow the user to travel on ice (when encountered) at a rate equal to that of their normal unencumbered travel with no notable risk of falling.

Ice Clogs - these clogs are seemingly crafted from ice and may be worn to no ill effect to their user. The Ice Clogs allow the wearer to walk on lava for up to 100 rounds and suffer no ill effects from the lava itself. The boots will seems to melt as the 100 rounds pass and will disappear following the last round of use. Rushing torrents of lava may still be difficult to walk upon and at the DM's discretion a save must be made to not slip into the lava in such a situation (where the boots will then offer no protection). It is certainly possible to find a pair of Ice Clogs with but a few rounds of use remaining.

Boots of the Fox- these finely crafted leather boots will lay down magical tracks that require a save vs spell each turn they are followed or the tracker will be charmed into following the tracks in the wrong direction. A charmed tracker wlil not usually notice the error until they return to the point they first discovered the tracks.

Troll Boots- These boots will leave behind the tracks of a large troll wherever the user goes. They are lamentably easy to follow but are enchanted so that those of 2HD or less must pass a morale check to follow said tracks out of fear of encountering what left them behind.

Deadman Walking- these seemingly normal boots will animate and walk the user to the nearest temple of their faith should they be slain while wearing them. They will activate 2-12 rounds after the wearers death. If a cleric of another faith encounters a dead person walking back and attempts to turn them they may do so as against a wraith, this turning attempt will will deactivate the boots on a successful roll or "T" result, they will teleport away on a "D" result leaving the body where it is.

Coward's Boots- these cursed boots will appear to be boots of elven kind and will act as such until the user is threatened by melee. When a fight breaks out a save must be made vs spells or the user will flee combat for 2-5 rounds at a rate of 120' a round (regardless of encumbrance). Once the true nature of the boots is revealed the boots can't be removed unless a cleric of 8th level or higher removes the curse or a wish is used.

Thrall Boots- These big ugly gray boots will allow one who knows the magic words to activate the boots to control whomever wears the boots as if they were under effect of a charm person spell. The wearer of the boots may not remove the boots. This en-thralled person does not limit the users ability to control others by magic in any way.

Sentinel Boots- these boots will allow one to go without sleep for one night out of every three with no ill effect.

Hoofer's Slippers- these dainty slippers allow the wearer to dance well to any musical accompaniment even if the music or the dance is unfamiliar to the wearer.

Shadow Slippers- three times a day the wearer of these dark grey slippers will be able to vanish in shadows. They will slip away and be able to observe the area but not interact while hiding. If the shadows are illuminated so as to disappear the hider will disappear until the shadows return. Detection spells and devices will reveal the presence of the hider but not their identity if able to detect invisibility or magic in general.

Gallant Stride- these boots will glamour the wearer such that when reaction rolls are called for two reaction rolls may be made in relation to the wearer and the better applied to the situation at hand. Note, these boots have no effect at all if the wearer is sitting or riding on a steed and may on occasion invite a negative reaction from previously swayed parties.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and look forward to introducing some of these new items to my game - my players know the rulebooks too well. Thanks.