Friday, January 28, 2011

recent game play at my table

In my regular game the players have made a foray into Death, Frost, Doom and survived and they didn't release doom upon the countryside at large. They did escape with a couple small choice treasures, 2 taken from a bad spot in a very bad place.

On the way to a market big enough to sell their new found treasures the party was set upon by a pack ghouls while they were traveling via boat. The powerless druid in the party (still suffering from a gross alignment violation and not acting to neutralize the transgression) was rake and grappled and drowned in the river they were traveling in and tragically for his heartless companions went over board with one of the choice bits of cursed treasure.
This treasure will likely remain in the mud for many years until it is found by a pair of simple fishermen ... (oh boy oh boy, I got myself a lord of the rings style tie in for future campaign development that a couple of the players might remember).

At the market town the players were wise in having one of the treasures examined by a witchey-woman known to them. She freaked out informed them of the dire curse upon the item and after unloading a dangerous but un-cursed treasure elsewhere in town. The barbarian in the party hired a minion to do camp work and tend to the cart and animals so Hughe has been employed. the party returned to Death Frost Doom to return the cursed treasure.

In the mean time armies of darkness are growing. The army of the crimson banner is back from the dead, a mysterious serpent godling is somehow involved and the armies of the Snow Queen are on the move waiting for winter and magic to freeze the river so they may march against the cities of man.

The players ended the session stuck in Death Frost Doom (tinkered with it by just a little amount). They are wandering and lost in the place and sure to release doom in this state.
The puzzle to escape isn't too tough and tied toone that is present in the module. I outlined the situation to my wife as the players are aware and she pretty determined the solution in but moments, too bad for them she isn't playing currently.

So we have growing armies of darkness on the march and a band of trapped grubby adventurers desperate to escape form a place where their deeds could add a lot more to the conflict on hand.

My wife is intrigued by all the stuff a-brewing in the campaign and wants to play but doesn't want to jump in with the band of cads and thugs that the current party is (they are in the main horrible scum). Luckily for her my son has a character trapped in the dungeons of the Snow Queen and he'd sure like some help...

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