Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mazes and Monsters, cover to cover... V

Chapter 4

We meet Robbie Wheeling who starts of his college career feeling feeling young and frightened. Robbie is an athletic swimmer who cares littel for his parents back at home and even thought he feels lost at college he still doesn't miss home. He finds a comfort zoen of sorts at college but still feels something is missing and meets Jay Jay 3 weeks into the semester.

When Robbie and Jay Jay meet Jay Jay is wearing an aviators cap with goggles in the cafeteria. As a lost college kid Robbie can't help but chat with and accept an invitation to a party for Bridget Bardo that Jay Jay is throwing.

At the party Robbie meets Kate and is rather smitten with her. Kate is thrilled to discover Robbie played Mazes and Monsters in high-school back at home and managed to play up to 3rd level. Robbie is introduced to Daniel and invited to the game, the group hasn't played yet as they've been looking for another player.


Poor Robbie lost and innocent is about to be trapped in the world of Mazes and Monsters because he's desperate to find a way to fit in somewhere.

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