Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mazes and Monster cover to cover....part IX

Chapter 10

Robbie and Kate are continuing their relationship but Robbie is dismayed to discover the empty spot isn't filled and he has horrible nightmares. Eventually Robbie becomes his character from the game (Pardieu) in his dreams. He awakes from the first of these dreams feeling some hope for the future.

Chapter 11

Kate, Daniel, Jay Jay and Robbie get together for a great game session before they all go home to their families. We get a detailed description of how the players relate to game play. Each player is lost in their role, little do they suspect Jay Jay isn't lost in play as Freelick the frenetic sprite but is engineering the end of the game Daniel is acting as Maze Controller for, so he can lead them as maze controller for his game in the caves. Jay Jay loses his character to an obvious trap short circuiting Daniel's campaign and gets them all to agree to a game in the caves following Christmas break a game that must be their secret alone.


Robbies' mental health is not doing too well and Jay Jay is a rat bastard control freak.

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