Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shields Again

I've brought up shields on this blog before in the past most recently in Splintering shields by Material a fiddly variant of Trollsmyth's shields shall be splintered rule, I also posted variants back in 09. Shileds are just so darned prevalent in warfare and underrated in D&D and many an OSR game I'm always finding myself whipping up variant rules for shields. Here's another based on a recollection of a method I used back in the late 80's.

Add a combatants STR, DEX and Fighting Rank (fighter level equivalent in most games) and check this score on the chart below.

(Click for larger image)


  1. A bit fiddly indeed... especially for NPCs such as brigands and so on who will often straddle the 18-19 divide.

  2. Hey, it's state of the art 87 or so...
    I think I had a 1d12 roll for the right hand side of the chart with a modifier by shield type back in the day but the older and wiser me knows better.

  3. Cool. I like the idea of shields being more than a +1 game mechanic boost. Thanks for sharing. I like that there are variances here. I will have to try this out and see how it plays.