Monday, January 3, 2011

Quickie Tomb Stocking Chart

To randomly stock tombs with 20 or less rooms/chambers. I wrote this up with loose stats for Swords and Wizardry. The tomb-robbers are generic thiefly delvers who will be able to use scrolls they have on hand.

Roll 1d6
1. Tomb Robbers, (3-6) HD:1, AC: 7[12], AT: weapon(1-6), ST:17, MV:12,A:C;XP:15
roll 1d6 per 2 tomb-robbers for special gear-
...1,2- nothing special
...3- scroll, protection from undead
...4- scroll, turn undead (as 2nd level cleric)
...5- Robber's Wick
...6- Weightless Rope (50')
...33% chance group has 20-200 g.p. worth in mixed loot
2. Skeletons (1-8) HD:1, AC 8[11], AT: weapon(1d6), ST:17, MV:12,A:N,XP:15
3. Vampire Bat (1) HD:1, AC: 8[11], AT: bite(1d6)+ blood sucking, ST: 17,MV: 4/18,A:N,XP: 60
4-5. empty
6. Burial
...1-2 looted
...3 looted, missed inexpensive jewelry (2-24 g.p.)
...4 intact, ferry tokens
...5 intact, ferry tokens & 1-4 pieces of inexpensive jewelry
...6 intact, cursed, ferry tokens & 1-4 pieces of inexpensive jewelry


  1. What? No curses or traps? How about a trap that curses you? Or a curse that traps you? A whole table of them. Can you tell I am tired?

  2. @Tim, you must be:roll 6 burial, subroll 6- intact,cursed...

    This chart is meant to fill in after 2 or 3 really good and original encounters are worked up and then the DM still has more to deal with.

  3. I was tired. But I was still smart enough to gank the table.