Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dungeon Exploration- Grappling Hooks

Throwing a grappling hook and securing it can be a tricky and critical maneuver.Here is a chart with suggested score to resolve with a d20 roll. Attacks bonuses and dexterity modifiers may or may not apply.

Grappling Hooks Table

type Parapet Wall TopBranchesRocksWooden Wall
Improvised 15/19 17/1913/1517/1915/16
Soft Metal 14/18 16/1812/1416/1814/15
Steel 14/17 16/1712/1416/1713/14
Exceptional Material 12/14 14/1510/1214/1511/12

The first number in each entry is a successful catch but it will slip free if weight is put on it. It takes a round to safely test for to see if a thrown hook has securely caught hold. The second number is a secure hold.


  1. Now that is a "grappling check" I don't mind rolling for! ;)

  2. This rules! One of those little things I never feel right about handwaving in the heat of the moment. Copied to GM notebook.