Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mazes and Monsters Cover to Cover... part VII

Chapter 6

Kate and Robbie are getting along fabulously, passing notes and eating meals together. She feels herself getting closer to Robbie but it's difficult because of her jerk boyfriend of the year before.

On the night Kate was through with her ex boyfried she decided to do some laundry and her fear of the dark was laid in place by an assailant armed with a knife who attempted to rape her in the dark laundry room. A situation she wouldn't have found herself in if her ex hadn't abandoned her like all men in her life did.

Robbie is so sweet to Kate and their friendship an feelings are growing so she decides to test him and give love a chance or maybe it would be better to withdraw entirely.

Chapter 7

Robbie is baffled by Kate's behavior finding the growing distance incomprehensible, they still have the game but that's really all. Robbie confides in Daniel. Miraculously Kate soon decides to give Robbie a chance and they become a couple.

Robbie tells Kate about his runaway brother Hall who disappeared years ago and how much that hurt him. Robbie doesn't tell Kate about his complicity and deep guilt in his brother's absence.

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